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Securities Act of 1933

Table of Contents

    Section 1 -- Short Title

    Section 2 -- Definitions; Promotion of Efficiency, Competition, and Capital Formation

    Section 2A -- Swap Agreements

    Section 3 -- Classes of Securities under this Title

    Section 4 -- Exempted Transactions

    Section 5 -- Prohibitions Relating to Interstate Commerce and the Mails

    Section 6 -- Registration of Securities

    Section 7 -- Information Required in Registration Statement

    Section 8 -- Taking Effect of Registration Statements and Amendments Thereto

    Section 8A -- Cease-and-Desist Proceedings

    Section 9 -- Court Review of Orders

    Section 10 -- Information Required in Prospectus

    Section 11 -- Civil Liabilities on Account of False Registration Statement

    Section 12 -- Civil Liabilities Arising in Connection with Prospectuses and Communications

    Section 13 -- Limitation of Actions

    Section 14 -- Contrary Stipulations Void

    Section 15 -- Liability of Controlling Persons

    Section 16 -- Additional Remedies

    Section 17 -- Fraudulent Interstate Transactions

    Section 18 -- Exemption from State Regulation of Securities Offerings

    Section 19 -- Special Powers of Commission

    Section 20 -- Injunctions and Prosecution of Offenses

    Section 21 -- Hearings by Commission

    Section 22 -- Jurisdiction of Offenses and Suits

    Section 23 -- Unlawful Representations

    Section 24 -- Penalties

    Section 25 -- Jurisdiction of Other Government Agencies over Securities

    Section 26 -- Separability of Provisions

    Section 27 -- Private Securities Litigation

    Section 27A -- Application of Safe Harbor for Forward-Looking Statements

    Section 28 -- General Exemptive Authority

    Schedule of Information Required in Registration Statement
    Schedule A

    Schedule B

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